We proudly introduce SIGLO Suites by Century Properties.

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SIGLO Suites is an exclusive, specialty management and leasing service from Century Properties. We help Century unit owners manage their units and effectively lease them to transient customers looking for short, medium, and long term rental spaces.

A Growing Industry

A global travel revolution is underway. Popular online booking portals like AirBnB, Roomarama, and Agoda have made global room rentals quick, easy, accessible, and affordable.

SIGLO Suites will capitalize on this global trend and help Century unit owners tap this growing and lucrative market.

SIGLO Suites

Your home is in good hands with SIGLO Suites. Our hospitality and leasing experts will assist you in all aspects of renting and servicing your property to achieve the best available rental rates, whether for short- or long-term rentals.

SIGLO Suites offers three levels of service, designed for simplicity and convenience:

SIGLO Suites Free

As the name suggests, this plan is open and free to all Century unit owners. SIGLO Suites will provide a full registration and check in/check out process for when your guests arrive, as a refined security measure similar to hotels and serviced apartments.

Booking Reservation and Key distribution will be managed solely by the respective unit owners.

SIGLO Suites Free is a mandatory requirement for all unit owners who rent out their units via online booking sites and other channels. This is to maintain the security of the building and its tenants. While visitors are free to come and go, there must be a valid monitoring process to make sure that the community remains peaceful, pleasant, and safe.

All unit owners who wish to start or continue renting out their unit must avail of this complimentary service.
SIGLO Suites Premier

This plan includes all the services offered in the SIGLO Suites Free package with additional unit management services:

  1. Key control and distribution
  2. Pre and post stay room inspection
  3. Guest credit card authorization guarantee
  4. Optional housekeeping and engineering services

A service and administration fee will be charged based on a percentage of room revenue generated per room, per night. Details can be found in the attached FAQs.
SIGLO Suites Prestige

This is a full asset management service available to unit owners. SIGLO Suites, on behalf of unit owners, will manage the full representation and leasing process, such as;

  1. Assistance in the management of listings on distribution portals such as Air BnB, Roomorama and Travel Mob to name but a few.
  2. Full unit reservation management
  3. Provide professional housekeeping and maintenance services
  4. Assist owner in renovation and fit-out of units

A fee will be charged based on a percentage of room revenue generated per room, per night. There will also be a one-time fixed asset management fee. Details can be found in the attached FAQs.

Basic Unit Requirements

In order to maximize the salability and market positioning of the units, as well as ensure consistent standard room rates across all unit types, it is highly recommended, but not mandatory, that all units meet our basic requirements.

It is particularly important that linens, towels and other decorative items are provided to enhance the overall guest experience. This in turn will increase the likelihood of generating a higher and more consistent selling rate.


SIGLO Suites Free, SIGLO Suites Premier and SIGLO Suites Prestige services will be launched in early September 2015 and be initially available for Gramercy, Knightsbridge and the Azure Urban Resort Residences. Unit owners at the Acqua Private Residences can avail of these services in the 4th quarter of 2015, followed by the Milano Residences in the 1st quarter of 2016.

Commitment to Excellence

SIGLO Suites is handled by a seasoned team of hospitality and leasing professionals. Our commitment is to assist unit owners in optimizing their property investments and helping them tap into the growing short, medium, and long-term leasing markets.

Expected Returns

We are unable to offer unit owners guaranteed returns.

It is of note that the demand for professionally managed apartments has grown dramatically in the last 10 years. The Philippines, Metro Manila in particular, has experienced significant growth in the service apartment market and short term rental business. The continued growth in tourism and business arrivals for domestic and international travelers will only boost the market.

As opportunities continue to expand, SIGLO Suites will help owners set the most applicable rental rates based on regular market surveys. We have attached a copy of our recommended, but not mandatory, rate structure for your perusal.

Next Steps

We are very excited to serve you with the SIGLO Suites leasing initiative. Please register your initial interest by downloading the registration form, filling it out, and sending it to us at the email below. Alternatively, you may request a registration form at the Property Management Office.


Once we receive your expression of interest, we’ll send you a full information package that outlines the details and conditions of the program together with all required documentation.

We look forward to your interest and participation.